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In late 2009, CITS successfully achieved the goal of sharing its stocks in Shanghai Stock Exchange, which marks CITS's ambition of expanding its business overseas; from a solely in-bound tour operation becoming an out-bound and investment of travel and tour business projects.

Founded in Beijing, 1958, C hina I nternational T ravel S ervice was a government department with its major mission to receive overseas visitors. Its nationwide network covers the whole country with over 30 branches and sub-branches. Since 1978 with the Open Door Policy, CITS had rapidly turned it into a commercial tour operator with its national networks and international operation branches in Asia, Europe and North America.

After three decades worth of growth since 1978, CITS developed its land transportation, fleets and Yangtze River cruises, hotel facilities, stores and restaurants. CITS has proudly become a brand name of quality and trusts in China travel and the tour industry.

As a part of CITS, our mission at CITS USA of Los Angeles is to provide China travel and tour-related information as well as any other needed services. Any interests in cooperating with CITS in investment projects or others, we are here to assist you.


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