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PMV Presidents

MV President Flee

Run by CITS, the flee of M/V President is one of the most deluxe boats on the Yangtze with the largest public areas and most complete service facilities. Its layout is rational, impressive and elegant.

Cruise Schedules

M/V President 1 M/V President 2
M/V President 3 M/V President 4
M/V President 5  
  • Captain's welcome party and farewell banquet
  • Cruise managed by professional cruise company
  • Crew show is held twice on each sailing
  • All ships are air-conditioned
  • Bilingual guides are offered on each ship
  • Suites with private veranda and view lounge
  • Latest satellite news, HBO, BBC and etc installed on each ship
  • Each room is equipped with satellite-signal TV
  • Medical-care offered on all cruises
  • Morning exercise - daily Taiji class with coffee and tea served in the morning

    Lectures on the Three-Gorges-Dam project, Chinese history, Chinese traditional medication held on each sailing

    All the cruises have business center, fitness center, beauty-saloon, massage center, reading room, view lounge, gift shop & etc

    Comfortable outside cabins with panaromatic windows & private bathrooms

    Most of the cabins with private veranda in which you could enjoy the scenery of the Three Gorges

    American breakfast, well-prepared Chinese lunch and dinner served in round table

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