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Group of 12 people who just returned from China:

Dear Frank,

I would like to thank you and your company for a wonderful travel experience in China.  Each of the tour guides were very knowledgeable and personable.  Your company, through our guides, allowed some changes to the itinerary due to weather, illness and perference.  These changes allowed us to experience your country with a more customised touch.

Thank you again for the World Expo tickets.  The expo was a once in a life time experience.  Xie Liping, Shelly, our guide in Shanghai took us on a night time river cruise during our free time.  The building lights were spectacular.  Shelly was from Suzhou, therefore our day trip to that city was very insightful.  We had lunch there and experienced the hairy crab.  Doris, our guide in Hangzhou made the best of two rain days.  She improvised an electric cart ride around the lake.  This allowed us to be part of the beauty and people of the city.  Linda, our guide in Guilin, provided history and her personal touch to another beautiful city.  The river cruise and Reed Flute Cave were beautiful. Li Jie, Sammi, the guide in Chengdu, shared her passion and knowledge for Chengdu.  The Giant Buddha and Panda bear facility were exceptional. Anna, our guide in Xian was excellent.  The company allowed us to change our dinner arrangement before the history show.  The food, at lunch time, was not the quality we had been experiencing during the tour.  We felt dinner would not have been good.  Anna, with the Ok of your company, took us to an excellent resturant, that we happily paid for. 

The food quality was what we had become accustomed to and it was next to the building that was having the show. I mentioned to Anna that it was Sandra's birthday. Anna and CITS provided a birthday cake for Sandy, my brothers wife.  This was a wonderful surprise. Harry our guide in Beijing once again was excellent.  He provided depth of history and added personal touches to our stay in Beijing.  By this time, several of our group were not feeling well.  They had coughs and nasal symptoms.  Because of these illnesses, I asked to cancel the trip to DaTong.  Thankfully, Oliver, from CITS, made arrangements for us to stay in Beijing and cancelled the tour to DaTong.

Harry improvised and took us to see the Hutong area and showed us several shopping markets and walking only neighborhoods.  These extra days in Beijing allowed us to leisurly experience this beautiful city at our own pace. The hotels were excellent, clean well positioned, Lowes in Shanghai could have been in a more walkable neighborhood for shops etc.  The hotel breakfasts were all a pleasant surprises. Featuring chinese and western foods of high quality. The lunch and dinner resturants once again provided high quality food and selections. We felt we would be tired of Chinese food but to our delight each city had a diffferent taste. We looked forward our next city food experience.  The bus transportation was very comfortable and clean.  The trains and airport experience was easy with the help of our guides.  We were pleasantly surprised at the train and airport facilities.  The building and terminals were exceptional.  Coming back our terminals cannot compare. Each of us will highly recommend CITS to our friends as we share our travel experiences in China.

Best regards,



Group of 6 people

Hi Frank,

Just a quick not to say Thank You for booking our China Land Tours.  All the transportation and tours were outstanding and all the guides were very cordial and informative.  The driver were also very good in maneuvering around traffic in Beijing and Shanghai avoiding any accidents with other vehicles.  We really appreciate your knowledge and help in picking what I think were outstanding tours. Cheers,



"We just came from a 1-week vacation in China, which we managed to add on the tail end of our business trip there. Unfortunately, we did not have more time than one week, but with help from CITS USA and specifically Frank Li from their Pasadena, CA offices, we manage to optimize our vacation. Frank helped us a lot with planning it to the finest details. And execution by CITS local guides was impeccable! In one week we managed to visit Guilin, Xi'an, Chongqing, took a wonderful two-and-a-half day on Yangtze river, and even visited the Olympic village on our way to the airport in Beijing. Thanks to modern technology I took more than 1000 pictures and several videos during this week! I am most definitely planning to use CITS services for our future trips to China and would highly recommend their services to anyone."

Best regards,


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